Wine Buckets

Wine buckets are specially designed small containers that are designed to fit a bottle (or two!) of wine. These buckets are often traditionally made from metal although nowadays you can buy them in all kinds of materials. Buckets made from special insulating materials are popular buys for many people as they help keep a bottle of wine at the right temperature and may even be able to work without ice.

The main point of wine buckets is to store wine safely at the right temperature. So, for example, if you are enjoying a nice bottle of champagne then putting some ice in your wine bucket would help keep this cool and stop it from warming up as you are drinking it. Most types of wine bucket will have the room to add ice to do this.

Wine buckets can, of course, simply be used as a container to keep a bottle of wine in at the table when you’re having dinner. You may not want to chill a bottle of red wine, for example, so a bucket here would simply keep the bottle in a safe place, leaving it less likely to topple over and spill.

Modern variations on wine buckets include cooler type containers. These are often made from insulated materials to help them regulate the temperature of a bottle when it comes out of the fridge or cellar and it is opened. Many of these buckets won’t actually need to have ice added to them as they will fit snugly round the wine to keep it cool and at the right temperature.

Today’s wine buckets come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally made in round shapes (like buckets) it is also possible to buy square models now as well. Some buckets are designed to simply hold one bottle of wine but some can hold two or three. The largest containers here, often known as wine coolers, can hold a lot of bottles at once and are often used at parties and barbeques.

Traditionally made from metal, wine coolers don’t have to be made from this material any longer. Plastic is a popular option here nowadays. Insulating wine buckets will need to be made from specially designed man made materials to see them work to their optimum effect. A wine bucket can be designed to simply sit on a table although some come with stands so that they can be stored by the table within easy reach.